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I am primarily a residential electrical service provider. Anything from simple light, ceiling fan and device updating, etc., to electrical issue trouble shooting, electrical panel and service upgrades, home additions and renovations, as well as new construction wiring. I do offer commercial electrical service and installation. But I’d say 99.9% of my business is residential service.

I receive a call for services, the first thing I primarily need to do is visit the home if it’s anything other than “ive got new lights to change out” or something to this affect. I do normally do this for “free”. Once I arrive I assess and give a quote to fix the issue or complete the needed task and schedule if the customer is ready. One thing I do hear a lot is that, I’m the only guy they called that was willing to come out and take a look. It seems other companies are a bit lazy about this and provide blind quotes to customers. I won’t do it. I need to see the variables. The age of the home, the possible issues present, the amount of material(s) required. It’s all a factor. The response is usually appreciation and a scheduled job.

The day of the job it is utmost importance to show up on time. No one likes a late appointment especially if they’ve been sitting around waiting for this mid day appointment due to availability. Being on time is the first line of trust. This dude said he’d be here at 1:00 and he pulled up at 12:59. That goes miles with people especially when it comes to being used in the future. You’re dependable. If I am going to be late or early for any reason the customer is contacted and informed.

Once the job has started the goal is good work, but quick efficient work. You’ll also see by my reviews that this is a common comment. “he was fast and affordable, he had complete knowledge of the task, he showed up on time”. No one likes a slow contractor invading the home. This is my job in this home, this is what I need to do to get it done, work commences, job is done efficiently so the customer can get on with their day. No smoking, no breaks, work till it’s done, thanks for having us out ma’am call again anytime, and out.

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Service examples


Outlet(s) not working-

Outlet(s) not working- requires assessment. Look for visual defects in other outlets in the room, check for power to the room in the panel, breakers tripped, etc. usually a bad outlet in the room. Find the bad outlet, replace and restore power. At times it is the breaker in which the same process takes place. Replace the breaker and restore power.


Lights not working-

Lights not working- usually a switch problem but occasionally is the light. Requires assessment. Change the light switch and restore use of the light. If it is found that it’s the light, the request for the purchase of a new light is requested along with a scheduled future date to install the new light.


Light and ceiling fan changes-

no assessment required. Simply purchase the lights or fans and schedule an install date.



assessment required. Visit the home to find the customers needs. Assess the project and give a quote to complete the work. schedule task.

Common questions and answers

acting quickly to have the issue assessed and fixed is the best way to avoid possible issues. Any device or light not working properly in the home should be serviced as soon as possible.

we do offer free estimates. We will arrive at a scheduled time to evaluate and discuss your needs

yes, but depending on the age of the home and the fixture support in the ceiling, a replacement support may have to be installed to support the fan. It is at an additional cost for parts and labor, but is done routinely

we offer quotes over the phone for basic tasks like light or fan changes, etc. if the task requires trouble shooting of any kind, a visit to the home with an assessment will be required to quote the work.

yes we are licensed and insured.

we guarantee our work. Work and materials are warrantied one year from invoice date. The things we don’t warranty are customer provided, separately purchased items like lights and appliances. These items are warrantied by receipt of your purchase or manufactures warranties

scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis. While we try to maintain availability for prompt service, the availability for appointment times do vary. We also do provide emergency service, but these are “after hours” appointments and are done at a higher service rate.

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